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Down For Maintenance

Starting from 8:15AM EST our servers will be down for maintenance for the approximately 4 hours.


Scheduled Maintenance

Tomorrow (05/21/2013) from 04:00 EST – 10:00 EST our servers will be down for scheduled maintenance.

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Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 Launch

COD Black Ops 2

COD Black Ops 2

All work and no fun makes life a little boring, so tonight we decided to have a little fun. We decided to hit downtown Toronto and join the party for the upcoming release of Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2!. Although the game might not show up in Price Rhythm (Yet!), we are pretty sure that it will get the “Highly recommended” mark.

So enjoy the pictures.

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Enjoy Life,

Price Rhythm’s Team.

Holiday Shopping

Getting ready for the holidays? Well, so do we!

If you plan on getting your shopping done on Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday or maybe even on Christmas,

why not do it the smart way with Price Rhythm?.

Price Rhythm is available for Android, iOS, Windows Phone 7 and Blackberry’s Playbook.

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Shop a bit smarter

Media Coverage

A short list of media outlets that covered our iOS release:

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So Why Do You Love Price Rhythm?

We wanna hear why you love price rhythm!

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And we are back up!

We are sorry for the time it took to finish our maintenance tasks. As you know, nothing good comes for free except our App of course :).

Down for maintenance

Our service is currently down for maintenance. We expect it to last for the next few hours.

Version 1.2 is coming soon

We are working hard on getting the next version out. So what should you expect? A lot. We are very proud in the way it looks and we hope that you will enjoy using it. The new is expected to be released later this month.