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Price Rhythm Android V3 Is Available

Summer is coming, so is the newest Android version (V3) for Price Rhythm. This version includes the biggest on most radical user interfaces changes since the beginning of Price Rhythm. The new flat UI is simply beautiful. Early adopters called it simple, clean and elegant and we invite you to test it out. V3 also included many other performance fixes and improvements and more changes are expected to arrive soon. The version is now available on the Google Play store at the following link.

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Price Rhythm.

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Welcome To The Junction!

It has been one hell of a week since we got accepted and started The Junction acceleration program. Few words about The Junction accelerator, the accelerator is managed and funded by one of Israel’s leading venture capitalist firms Genesis Partners VC. The accelerator leverages the huge talent pool of the Israeli hi-tech to boost startups in their earliest stages.  This week alone, we have meet partners from Genesis’s VC, mentors from promising startups (invi and pingjam) and met a large  expedition, of founders and entrepreneurs, from Chile. We also had the chance to meet amazing entrepreneurs that are tackling exciting problems in different areas (Consumer apps, Algo-trade, Security and etc…).

Although it had been a hectic week, it is only the start and we are excited to see where the Junction‘s program is going to take us.

Few photos to sum it up:


Price Rhythm Team.

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