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New Shopping Portal Is Now Available

Scheduled Maintenance on 28/09

On Friday 28/09 our system will be down for a scheduled maintenance. the downtime will start at 04:00 am EST and should end around 08:00 am EST.

We are sorry for any inconvenience that might occur.

Price Rhythm.

Personal Shopping Advisor.


Media Coverage

A short list of media outlets that covered our iOS release:

Price Rhythm

So Why Do You Love Price Rhythm?

We wanna hear why you love price rhythm!

Price Rhythm.
Personal Shopping Advisor.

Price Rhythm Is Now Available For iPhone

We are glad to announce that starting from today, Price Rhythm is now available for iOS 5. After months of hard work, long nights, hard days of debugging, our app had finally reached the coasts of the iTunes store. The app is available for free (of course)  and includes all the cool features (such as recommendations, reviews, pro & cons, price comparisons and much more) that you got used to in our previous versions for Android and Windows Phone 7.

The app is available at the following link.

We hope that you will enjoy it, and as always we invite you to write us feedback and comments.

Attached are screenshots of the iOS Version:

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Price Rhythm.

Personal Shopping Advisor.

Shop a bit smarter.

Whats Next?

To shade some light on PriceRhythm’s road map, here are few of our upcoming releases:

  1. New Windows Phone 7 version. The new version will be faster, stabler and with many new features.
  2. Getting into iTunes with our new iPhone app.
  3. Getting Local, since we are a global service, and all currently available local services don’t support local API’s (such as stores, directions and ect…)  outside of the US and canada. We decided to implement such service by ourselves. We already mapped thousands of different locations, so expect to hear more about that soon.
  4. New Portal, a new and improved version of our portal is coming soon and coming fast. The portal will first be available for a few selected countries, but we are working on increasing it’s exposure.
  5. Mobile Web Version, for those of you working on an unsupported OS, we are planning a mobile web version of our portal.
  6. And much much more.

Stay tuned.

Price Rhythm.